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The defense of GnuPG

For several years, there has been an uprasing agains GPG. Every now and then someone writes up a blog post and condemn OpenPGP and it's implementations for being too hard to use or too easy to mess up. The GPG side is mostly silent... So, this article is in defence of GPG.
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Stop Saying Freedom is a Private Matter

Alper Atmaca
There is a wide spread misconseption about freedom. Almost everyone think freedom is theirs(!) to decide. So many sentences starting with "my freedom" are being heard, one may simply get convinced that everybody has some sort of freedom pouch they hang from their belt.
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Authoritarianism Through Coding: Signal

This isn't a theoretical piece about freedom and digital technologies. This is a real ongoing trend that is at best observed around secure messaging application Signal by Open Whisper Systems and it's founder Moxie Merlinspike. His view and management of Signal reflects a wider trend that jepordises world's freedom.